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HURT- Helping Us Realize Truth

#HURT-Helping Us Realize Truth #HURT-Helping Understand Real Truth #HOPE- Helping others protects Everyone #HURT- Helping Understanding Relationships Together
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Helpful Education link and ways to get books for free

ProQuest's Alexander Street products are curated, discipline-focused, primary-source collections, websites, and streaming media for learning and research. We’re passionate about creating landmark online resources that help scholars and students discover and learn. Our collections deliver previously unavailable content in ways that further research and learning. Working closely with faculty, librarians, archives, and publishers, we develop our databases to the highest academic standards. We painstakingly secure copyrights, digitize the content, index the materials meticulously using semantic fields, add supporting reference and contextual material, and then publish the resulting collections on our award-winning online platform. Free book search- via Uborrow - students have access to text ( inclduing some textbooks through the nation). Link below

Valencia College Culianry & Baking text books- rent for free via Interlibrary loan

Save money- renting College Textbooks for free. Do not pay to rent college textbooks, when you can request them from your college library or any college library within the U.S. Check out what I discovered being nosy and not taking no for an answer, as College want you to spend money at the bookstores.  I say no more wasting money. See the links below! FREE COLLEGE TEXT How? By renting your text via the college library. FREE COLLEGE RESOURCES- Do not buy books when you can rent them from College libraries throughout the country. The entire time my kids attended college rather than buy books I would use the resources below getting textbooks from their college library or one within the state in which the other institution will send the textbook you request to the college library where you are attending. The textbooks for Valencia's Cooking classes can also be rented from here as all one does is request an inter-library loan and Rosen at UCF will send the texts over to Val


Free Textbooks Open forum for all Disciplines Here is a link to a website which provides textbooks for all subjects, this is a great place for instructors to select books from then their students will be able to utilize and have access to these texts at no charge. Let's make access to school easier, eliminating as many hurdles as we possibly can, and one major one is the costs of associated college texts required for classes. The book companies continue to take advantage of students, nowadays when students used to buy books now they are paying the same price to have limited access to them. These texts come unbound, loose-leaf but the prices have not changed all this to prevent students from being able to sell the book back or allows one of their peers to benefit from it. STOP PEARSONS from ripping off students Open Textbook Library

BUL 2241 Business Law Study guide exam One through Four

1) Law is B a)       A body of religious principles held by all members of society.    b)       A body of principles that society establishes to keep things running smoothly. c)       Always the result of case law decisions. d)       Derived solely form the U.S. Constitution. 2) Law consists of A a)       Principles that govern conduct.   b)       Mere guidelines.    c)       Arbitrary rules. d)       None of the above. 3) Our rights flow from D a)       The U.S. Constitution. b)       Federal statutes.   c)       City ordinances. d)       All of the above. 4) Individual rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution: D a)       Have no accompanying duties. b)       Apply only to a small number of individuals. c)       Are subject to legislative laws. d)       Generally have accompanying duties.   5) A right is defined as     B a)       An obligation.    b)       A legal capacity to require another party to perform an act.    c)       Any